Candle Meditation


Ever just sat and watched the magical flame of a candle? This meditation is all about that.

I’ve had lots of feedback stating that you have fell asleep whilst listening to these meditations – that’s great! Enjoy the peace whilst you can get it!

Don’t for get to keep sending your meditation ideas my way, I love hem all!

Now, relax and enjoy my candle meditation…



Hot Air Balloon Meditation


Imagine your most stressful, anxious or worried day – you’ll do anything for just five minutes peace. My hot air balloon meditation will help you get that peace by taking your worries, anxiety or stress and gently float them into the clouds!

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Open Up Your Chakras


This meditation will help you open up your chakras. If you know about them, then please use this to help you further open up your chakras and/or listen out to see if any are being repaired by this meditation. If you’re wondering what are chakras, then please take a look here:

Oh and you might wish to actually test your chakras to:

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Earth Sun Energy


I’m never shocked when I begin to meditate and I instantly connect with the guides who help my dear friend Heather Lee from Beawakened –

After all, Heather is the one who “kicked me up the butt!” Along with my new guide Hippie Heather these two are a force not to be reckoned with if you ever want to hide away from your gift.

Whilst this guided meditation is for you all, I dedicate Earth Sun Energy to my two Soul Sisters:

How To Breathe Like A Square


I had fun recording this podcast with my new guide “Hippie Heather”. We decided that although we didn’t need a full script, we would “jot” a few words down to help us connect with you, of course what I should have said was “type” a few words, Hippie Heather was so excited that we were recording, that she forgot that we use new technology these days, so after a few hiccups, we (Hippie Heather and I) proudly present to you How To Breathe Like A Square” :

Get ready to meditate


Welcome to our very first podcast. My dream of helping those of you to connect with Spirit has been a very long and exciting journey. I hope to produce more podcasts and provide the guidance you need, whether that be as a 1:1 tuition or via your very own personal ready. To ensure that all the buttons work, here is my very first.