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Remove negative energy


Ever woke up with a “bad” feeling or notice that during the day you pick up negative energy from other people, situations or even places? This energy can attach itself to us or be passed on from “energy vampires” (yes there are some out there and I talk about this during my Angel workshops). The conker meditation will allow you to be aware of the negativity and teach you how to remove it.

I hope you enjoy this guided meditation and I’m looking forward to all your feedback?

With love and healing light,

Angel JJ






The good news is that I have got a new headset, so you will not be put off your meditation by that awful humming sound and this set is crystal clear 😉

This meditation open ups your third eye chakra to help you see the more creative side of you – however that manifests, it may not be an new art project for example, it may simple be a new way (and hopefully quicker way) of cleaning up. We can all be creative in our own unique way, so let’s go and meditate …

With love and light,
Angel JJ